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Translation of Modern Greek Literature

Stone and Honey, by Christina Zempi

Published by Arcadia Books, 2016

Translated into English by Irene Noel-Baker

Stone and Honey is a novel full of Greek flavour which invites the reader to discover a powerful love story and one man’s journey towards self-forgiveness. A brilliant travelling companion for those interested in finding out more about the country, this book sits well alongside Patrick Leigh Fermor's book on the Mani, and Victoria Hislop's novels set in Greece. ...

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Stone and Honey

Agrigento, by Kostas Hatziantoniou

Published by Ideogramma Publications, Athens, 2009

Translated into English by Irene Noel-Baker

“Agrigento” is a hymn to Sicily, set in the forever vivid landscape of the European intellect, carefully crafted, poetically written, it is a cultivated book that entertains, sets one thinking, and defends the hope of a true life, with its eternal interplay of love and strife. Mythical Sicily is brought to life as Pausanias, sensing that his own time is running out, immerses himself in the story of ancient Agragas, following in the footsteps of Empedocles, the city’s ancient philosopher. While “glorious” Akragas is in decline, real, modern-day life speeds on, with its reversals and coincidences, and the final bridging of all gaps, both in the story and in time. ...

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Betwixt and Between, by M. B. Hatzopoulos

Published as En Merei Hellenizon by Hestia Publications, Athens, May 2009

Translated into English by Irene Noel-Baker

Betwixt and Between is the first volume in Hatzopoulos's trilogy, set in Cyprus in the 50s, during the violent period of struggle against British Colonial rule. It recounts the transition of a Greek boy to manhood in a world of divided loyalties. Dimitri's dilemmas are no less relevant today than they were five decades ago, for they concern the ever present questions of unjust oppression and terrorism, of the coexistence of different cultures and creeds and the catalytic potency of love. This nostalgic novel also conjures up three cities, Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, irreparably defaced by war and human greed. ...

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In Part Greek

Yezoul, by Niki Marangou

Published by Hestia Publications, Athens, November 2010

Translated into English by Irene Noel-Baker

This novel has been described by its author as a patchwork made up of remnants, or an embroidery from left over threads. It is a woman's work, pieced together from half-remembered and rediscovered scraps of history: the history of Greek Independence from Turkey and the attendant war, exile and loss in the Aegina, Corfu, Athens and Constantinople of the day. The book is sewn together with the threads of a modern narrative which brings in Cairo during the second world war, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, and contemporary Athens. ...

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